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Back by popular demand, Grant and Tyler have a new video highlighting some timely topics:

  • Economic Impact Payments
    • General update
      • Is it Taxable? – No
      • Will you have to pay the money back? - No
    • What you should do if you do not have direct deposit information on file with the IRS
    • Fraud alert! Do not fall for IRS e-mails or calls

  • Benefits for small businesses
    • Current status of the SBA program

  • Considerations if you are unemployed, furloughed, or have reduced hours

  • Tips for your 401(k)
    • Should you still invest if there’s no company match?
    • Should you be buying as the market goes down?

  • Should you consider a Roth IRA conversion?
    • Factors to think about

  • Fure Financial's new resource page


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